Group work and Recovery – The Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit is a 12-week programme for women to help them recover from the psychological trauma of being in an abusive relationship.

Those who have experienced and lived with domestic abuse frequently tell support agencies that the hardest part of recovery is to deal with the psychological distress caused by such abuse.

Newcastle Women’s Aid staff are trained and experienced domestic abuse practitioners and Recovery Toolkit facilitators.

The programme will help women understand the impacts of domestic abuse, and the thinking patterns which they have developed as a method of managing the risks, which can hold them back and prevent them from moving forward.

What is the theory behind it?

The programme uses a psycho educational model believing that by giving individuals knowledge, we enable them to better understand and deal with their previous experiences. The clients own strengths, resources and coping skills are reinforced contributing to their own health and wellness on a long term basis.

Referral criteria

  • Participants must be out of the abusive relationship.
  • The programme is not suitable for those who are still involved with their perpetrator.
  • Participants must be prepared to attend all 12 sessions.

What happens next?

The referred person will be contacted by us and invited to attend an initial meeting/assessment interview. We will give information about the format and content of the programme.

Newcastle Women’s Aid will assess individual’s applications based on safety, willingness to commit and engage in the full programme.

Please note the programme will not be suitable for all women as noted in our referral criteria.

To make a referral

  • Ensure the participant agrees to the referral
  • Ensure the person meets the above group criteria and agrees to the referral
  • Contact us on 0191 2610504
  • Self-referrals and agency referrals are accepted