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Supporting someone you know

Information & advice

It takes a lot of strength to talk about experiencing domestic abuse, especially when many women are, disbelieved or dismissed when they share their experience. When someone reaches out to you, acknowledge that, although they’re in a frightening and difficult situation, they’re taking an important and brave step forward in reaching out to you. For friends and family, it can be really challenging supporting someone who is experiencing domestic abuse but the most important thing you can do for them is to provide emotional support. Listen to them and believe them. Let them express their feelings to you and give them time and space to come to terms with the abuse.

Things you can do:

  • Create a safe environment where they can talk in private.
  • Listen and believe them.
  • Don’t judge their situation or decision-making.
  • Assure them they’re not alone and there’s support available.
  • Encourage them to contact us or you can contact us on their behalf for advice, information and options.

Stay safe

Make sure you look after yourself while you’re supporting someone through such a difficult and emotional time. Ensure you don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation, for example don’t offer to talk to the abuser about your friend/family member or let yourself be seen by the abuser as a threat to their relationship.

Feel more in control of your life

We put your story into words when you can’t. We guide you, we inspire you, we keep you safe, and most importantly, we help you see there is hope – a way to break free and be yourself once again.