Recovery Support

“It’s only when we understand Domestic Abuse that we can begin to protect ourselves and begin our recovery journey”


Women have often told us that they would like something more after the Freedom Programme which led us to develop our new and bespoke 5-week recovery programme Free to be Me which focuses on healing and moving on after an abusive relationship.

The programme looks at:

  • Negative thinking patterns we may have developed from being in a relationship with an abusive partner, and how we can challenge negative thoughts and replace them with positive thinking
  • Setting positive boundaries to help protect our emotional and physical health
  • Regaining control of our own lives
  • The importance of healing and future relationships – when we feel we are ready for one


The women’s Maintenance group is for women who have completed a package of support with Newcastle Women’s Aid, the group provides:

  • Opportunities for women to meet other women with shared experiences
  • Opportunities to develop support networks
  • Reduce isolation
  • Opportunities to influence Newcastle Women’s Aid service provision which helps steer our service for women and girls
  • Opportunities to engage with other support services that may be beneficial in the recovery process or have been specifically requested by group members
  • Holistic therapies including mindfulness and yoga