Testimonials – DAFS


After years of feeling sad, confused, too sensitive, worthless, selfish… I decided after 20 years of marriage that I could no longer stay in a marriage where I caused so much unhappiness.

I had already been told three years previously by a counsellor that I was in an abusive relationship but not yet ready to recognise it and nothing had changed in my mind.
The marriage ended supposedly amicable and I was ready to start a new chapter in my life. Obviously, I needed counselling due to my behaviour but that was ok.


After months of CBT counselling that was not helping I started one to one sessions with a counsellor. Twelve sessions in she suggested I contact Newcastle Women’s Aid. Obviously, not to go as an abused woman but it sounded interesting and could take me in a new direction.


As I walked along the corridor to the first appointment, I felt really apprehensive – these poor women would have black eyes, broken bones and be so sad. I walked in to a bright and welcoming room where a group of women were drinking tea – oops I had come to the wrong place! No I hadn’t and that day changed my life.

Catherine 41years