Testimonials – Group Work

Freedom Programme:

When you are experiencing domestic abuse you feel like you are the only one who it is happening to. I immediately felt less alone just by being in the group surrounded by women who were sharing experiences which were similar to my own. Watching and listening to the other women in the group was really good as I could see myself in them. Staff were nice, kind, professional, non-judgemental and put myself and the other ladies at ease. It was the most common-sense information I have heard and moments of humour were used at the exact time which was fantastic.

Throughout the years I have saw Doctors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists - none of whom have helped me one bit. In fact, they did the opposite and my head would be full after appointments. After attending one Freedom Programme session with Newcastle Women’s Aid I feel so much better and can understand my husband’s behaviour and myself a lot better. Support from Newcastle Women’s Aid has been better than any other support I have received from anybody.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about joining a programme?

“Please do this programme. You will come out empowered and will stop feeling like a victim”

"Other people tried to put me off coming to the group saying how I shouldn't come as I would be 'sat with battered women.' I'm so pleased I didn't listen to them as I love the group."

“Do it. The Programme has helped me so much and I have learnt so many valuable lessons”

“The course will help you learn more about domestic abuse and is a chance for you to talk about your own experiences and listen to other women’s experiences”

“Every time I came back from the programme my daughter told me I came back better, happier and more in control”

Can you explain how the programme content has been beneficial to you?

“It validated that I was experiencing domestic violence and abuse”

“Meeting other women in similar situations and no longer feeling alone”

“I have gained confidence in my own ability to make decisions”

“Before completing The Freedom Programme I would have used ‘The Good Wives Guide’ as a Bible to help me be a better wife. Now after finding out about abusive and controlling behaviours, I can see it for what it is”

“I started to believe in myself”

“I have learnt that I am not at fault for what happened to me”