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Kate’s story is about a woman who has lived with emotional, physical, financial and sexual abuse.

“After years of feeling sad, confused, too sensitive, worthless, selfish, I decided after 20 years of marriage that I could no longer stay in a marriage where I caused so much unhappiness. A counsellor suggested I contact Newcastle Women’s Aid. Obviously, not to go as an abused woman but it sounded interesting and could take me in a new direction work-wise. As I walked along the corridor to the first appointment, I felt really apprehensive – these poor women would have black eyes, broken bones and be so sad. I walked in to a bright and welcoming room where a group of women were drinking tea – oops I’d come to the wrong place! No I hadn’t and that day changed my life. Two years on and I am happy. The nightmares are becoming less, I’m gradually getting back to work, I’m coming off the anti-depressants, drinking less alcohol and now have around five hours of undisturbed sleep. I’ve lost weight, feel attractive again and I even danced to some loud music yesterday and laughed. Newcastle Women’s Aid saved me and has continued to be there for me. It’s taken over two years and our sessions have ended but I know that Women’s Aid will always be there for me when I have a bad day.”

I have valued every second of my support, from the first telephone call to 1-to-1 appointments and group sessions. It has not been easy and I have tripped many times BUT not fallen as you have helped to pick me up and carry on.

Lara, supported by Newcastle Women’s Aid

Lisa’s story is about a woman who has experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

“Newcastle Women’s Aid were always at the end of the phone for help and advice. Finding Women’s Aid has been a godsend, helping to get me through this difficult time in my life. The organisation is a blessing for women suffering or leaving abusive relationships. Looking back at the beginning and the support I had from my worker, I felt like I was just moaning. I was reassured that I wasn’t and what happened to me was wrong, that it’s not normal to be treated the way I’d been. I would highly recommend to any of my friends/colleagues or family members to reach out to Women’s Aid. There is always a friendly welcome and a relaxing atmosphere. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived for my first one-to-one session. I can only thank my key worker for making me feel so at ease – listening to my distress and describing some awful experiences. The centre is a safe place that women can go and identify what a healthy relationship looks like. Women’s Aid is an amazing service for women.


*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved*

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As a charity, we rely entirely on funding and donations to help us continue this vital and life-saving service. There are lots of ways you can support us and make sure we’re here for the thousands of women and girls who need our help.