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Our purpose

Who we are

We’re here to keep women and girls who are affected by domestic abuse safe, and help them make meaningful change going forward. But also, create awareness and change perceptions of domestic abuse.

Our Values

Our core values are the beating heart behind our charity. They’re embedded in how we run our service day-to-day and naturally guide and inform the way we do things. They’re the reason thousands of women are able to move forward with their lives.



– our door is open to everyone

Every woman and girl who walks through our door is different and no matter what their story, we provide an inclusive, confidential, safe and supportive space to help them understand domestic abuse.


– giving women confidence in their voices

We work with some of the strongest of women – walking through our door is a scary and emotional prospect because they don’t know what to expect. They’re sharing their most personal experiences with us. We’re here to help women find the confidence and the right language to speak out.


– to be on that journey together

Women come through our door as one person and leave as another. Change is immediate for some. We see them transform from worried, anxious and confused to feeling more confident, in control and positive about the future.


– to provide a sense of hope

We concentrate on new beginnings and the outcomes women and girls need to make a positive difference. Life after abuse doesn’t define them. We help them build their confidence and self-esteem. To be resilient, find their independence and the strength to make changes for the better.


– we help change mindsets

We’re not who you think we are. It’s not a bleak outlook filled with despair and darkness. We’re not a stereotypical room full of beaten women. We’re a light and airy room full of chatter, and even laughter. We’re a sisterhood. When women get together, good things happen.


– we have the knowledge to respond to any situation

Part of what makes us unique is our ability to adapt to whatever we’re presented with. Every single woman is their own person with their own story. We’re not here to tick boxes and we’re not one size fits all.

Our mantra

We are Newcastle Women’s Aid.
We can’t change the world but
we can save lives.
And it starts with a listening ear.
And an open door.

We may be small but we’re mighty.
A group of specialists who are
committed to making a difference.
To give women and girls hope,
To lift them up.

We’re not doom and gloom.
Or despair and darkness.
We’re a friendly buzz when
you walk into a room.
A sisterhood united.

We’re non-judgemental,
And confidential.
We’re safety and support,
Advice and guidance.
A place where we talk about bad things
But where good things happen.
A step towards a brighter future.

Our impact

We’re not just here to help women and girls to recover from domestic abuse. We’re here to keep them safe and achieve positive outcomes.